2021 NFL Free Agency: Top 100 NFL Free Agents of 2021

With the NFL Draft order set and the cap floor set at a minimum of $180 million, the NFL offseason is on its way. It’s now time for all 32 teams to reshuffle and rebuild their rosters in preparation for the next season. PFN’s Top 100 NFL Free Agents of 2021 list was formed by a mix of player value (age, injuries, etc.), positional value, and individual film evaluation of these players.

Note: There will be players who are cut after this article is posted. They will not be in the initial post of this article, as those will occur after this has been published. This is only taking into account unrestricted and restricted free agents who will have their contracts expire in the offseason or are cut before this article publishes, with the exception of Von Miller and Kareem Jackson, who have club options.  

Special thanks to Brandon Thorn for the use of his True Sack Rate metric used throughout this article. Stats per Pro Football Reference and Next Gen Stats.

Top 100 NFL Free Agents of 2021 | 1-20

1. QB Dak Prescott

I don’t really need to say much here, other than the fact that it’s entirely ludicrous Dak is even on this list of the top NFL free agents in 2021. Dak is an elite quarterback in the NFL and deserves to be here at the top of these rankings. Dallas needs to pony up and pay him, as the Cowboys have the cap space to do so, but that’s for a different article.

Dak has done literally everything to keep the Cowboys afloat and competitive in his tenure. There’s no reason an elite QB should even be sniffing free agency, but here we are. Every team is keeping an eye on this situation in Dallas. Dak would be an upgrade for most of the league at the league’s most important position.

2. WR Chris Godwin

Despite some injuries in 2020, Godwin still played at an elite level this season, helping Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl win. 67% of his red zone targets were touchdowns this season, and his presence alone opened up the Buccaneers’ playbook.

He’s an extremely reliable target, with a catch percentage of 77.78% on 84 targets, good for 3rd among all receivers. At just 25 years old, Godwin looks to be a long-time member of the league’s elite receivers.

3. OT Trent Williams

It’s absolutely incredible that Trent Williams took a year off in 2019 following the disputes in Washington and medical reasons and then put out the 2020 tape he did. Williams put himself back into that elite echelon of offensive tackles. Even if he is 33 years old, that doesn’t diminish his value at all, considering he’s never dropped off in play.

The 49ers and every other team needing a left tackle should bust open their wallets for Williams this offseason.